About Us


Before leaving for Ecuador in 2010, The Richardsons were on staff at Moffett Road Assembly of God in Mobile for 10 years. They have served in the areas of  Worship & Choir (all Ashley of course!), College, Missions, Outreach, & Media/Arts.
Matt grew up on a strawberry & sweet corn farm in upstate New York, the youngest of nine. Ashley was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, the daughter of Pastors Jerry & Joan Jenkins. They met in Syracuse, married in ’92, then headed west to serve at First Family Church in Albuquerque. They enjoyed 6 years of ministry there and had their first of three, Karley was born in ’97. From New Mexico, the young family came back East and wayyyy South to Mobile, Alabama. Sophia & Zak came along in ’03 & ’06 to finish out the family of five. They are currently in the middle of their second term in Ecuador, now as full time Missionaries through the Assemblies of God (agwm.org).

Here’s a link that introduces their mission and purpose… CLICK HERE


They will continue working alongside Missionaries Joil & Leah Marbut, basing out of Sucua, Ecuador. This small town is the headquarters for the Shuar, an indigenous group spread throughout the jungles of Ecuador & Peru. Their primary focus is to be mentors at the Ecuador Hope House, to deliver the gospel (Shuar Proclaimers) to all 600 Shuar villages, and to assist in planting churches through training of leaders and physical construction.

  1. THE HOPE HOUSE: The house is a “rescue home” that gives young Shuar girls who have been abandoned and/or abused, a safe place to live and grow. Twenty-three girls currently live in the house, ages 10 to 21. It’s exciting to see how they respond to an environment that gives them hope to dream and the guidance to fulfill those dreams!
  2. THE SHUAR PROCLAIMER PROJECT: The Proclaimers have arrived!!! There are 600 SHUAR villages spread throughout the jungle, most have never heard God’s Word. Our goal is to deliver an audio New Testament (in Shuar) to each village through a little solar powered box called a Proclaimer. It was recorded and produced by “Faith Comes By Hearing” out of Albuquerque.  Village by village,  the miracle is unfolding!
  3. CHURCH PLANTING & LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Shuar leaders are coming from all corners of the jungle to step up and fulfill the Great Commission! Upon completing a one year intensive program, they are equipped to start a church in a village which has no gospel presentation. A separate internship program exists also for young Shuar, Ecuadorian, and U.S. students who are hungry to seek out and fulfill their purpose in life.


Sucua, Ecuador is about an 8 hour bus ride southeast of Quito into the jungle. This village allows the Richardsons & Marbuts to live as close to the Shuar as legally & culturally permitted.